Monday, November 20, 2006

Something to Cheer About

We took the girls to the Carolina basketball game on Sunday. They did great! Surprisingly, they were not too wiggly and pretty much stayed in their seats. I had already prepared myself to chase Lydia around the concourse of the Dean Dome, but she was pretty tame for her standards. This was her first Carolina game. The highlight of their day was not the game, but the bus ride to the game on the Tarheel Express.
My Carolina Girls. Madeline is sporting a vintage Carolina cheerleader dress, compliments of Aunt Leslie. Lydia is wearing none other than a hand-me-down from Madeline.
Madeline had to test the dress with a few twirls and cheers before we headed to the game.
Waiting for the bus with Daddy. After the game we drove through campus and pointed out to Madeline our old dorm. We then drove by our old house on Cascade Drive. It was a fun day. However, it didn't take us very long to remember why we don't miss living there and being in that traffic!

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