Sunday, January 28, 2007

Little Mama

Madeline is a good little mama to Lydia. Sometimes, maybe a little too much of a mother. As I posted pictures on flickr tonight, I noticed all the pictures of them where Madeline is being the mama....taking charge, calling the shots, showing Lydia how it's done, how to dance, coaching her with potty training, changing her diaper, reading to her, etc. She's such a great big sister and a "little mama". I don't find this as a surprise, given she is very nurturing with her baby dolls. Lydia doesn't seem to mind too much. After all, it's all she's ever known!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bedtime Story & Showtime

I've been wondering ever since Christmas how long it would take Abby to discover the toddler bed. Well, tonight was the night. The girls were performing a "show"for me in Lydia's room and I noticed Abby sniffing around the bed. I'm sure if she could fit, she would have gone under the bed (since she always loved getting under the crib). Anway, she sniffed a little more and hopped up on the bed. Lydia proceeded to get a book and "read" to Abby.

Madeline has really enjoyed performing and posing for the camera lately. For the past two evenings, she has produced and directed a dance recital that she and Lydia are perfecting. Madeline functions in so many capacities.....dancer, teacher, stage manager......the list goes on and on. And here's her head shot!

PS.....we found a home for the puppy listed in the previous post. Yay!!!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Just Visiting....(we hope)

This cutie showed up on our front doorstep Tuesday afternoon. She barked at me when I first spotted her and was very scared. Once, I finally lured her with some treats, she wants everything to do with us. We felt bad for her since it was so cold that night, so we introduced her to Abby's dog house on the back porch and of course, fed her. We're trying our best to find a home for her. And hopefully that will happen this weekend. We've had some interest after sending her picture out on some e-mails. She is adorable and very quick. Needless to say, she has provided lots of entertainment for the girls this week. We've "named" her Foxy. Hope you all have a good weekend and cross your fingers that we'll find a home for her.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Today the girls spent quite a bit of time outside. It was the perfect day for:
playing Frisbee with Kasey, and

digging even more holes in our backyard.

Monday, January 08, 2007


This is one of my favorite pictures of the girls playing from a couple of years ago. Madeline is putting "gas" into Lydia's car with her watering can. It's nice when they play together and actually get along. It seems like lately, there's been a little more pinching, hitting, and biting involved (mostly on Lydia's end). As I type this, Lydia is pretending she's the puppy and Madeline is her owner. The owner might want to consider signing the puppy up for some obedience classes!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

and baby makes three

We took a road trip last weekend for a family get-together. I captured this picture of the girls sleeping in the van...... I love how Madeline is holding on to Baby Alive's carrier even while she sleeps. Hope everyone had a Happy New Year. The Christmas decorations have been taken down and we're back in the swing of things.