Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Birthday Party

Well, we ended our week of birthday celebrations for the girls with their Wizard of Oz Birthday Party on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day and they had a blast. Dorothy made an appearance and kept all the little munchkins entertained with face painting, balloon designs, the limbo, and of course, skips down the yellow brick road.
Here she is with Lydia....
...and Madeline. In fact, Madeline has been perfecting this little skip/dance.
They had fun and I hope it will be a great memory for them. To see more pictures from the party, click here.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Peeps Picnic

Yesterday was a gorgeous day for a picnic. Madeline gathered all the necessary items for a picnic........the basket, peeps and ritz crackers. Mmmmm...........
It was even a good day for Snow White to work on her soccer skills!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Party On

We have been partying for a week now. I made this Wizard of Oz cake for Madeline and she approved. I'll be making a bigger version of this for the girls' party on Saturday. Madeline was thrilled with her theme gifts......Dorothy and Glinda. She said she was hoping she would get these for her birthday. She had been eyeing them in Wal-Mart since Christmas.
Here she is blowing out all five of her candles.
And not letting these two Barbies out of her sight! She had a great 5th birthday. For more pics from her special day and her party at preschool, check them out here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Five Years Ago Today......

Madeline Paige Grimes was born. "...someone placed her in my arms. She looked up at me. The crying stopped. Her eyes melted through me, forging a connection in me with their soft heat." from my desk calendar It was the first day of spring and my first day of motherhood. There have been many firsts over the past five years. We look forward to many more celebrations with you, Madeline. Happy Birthday. You'll always be my first baby!
Here she is proudly displaying how old she is with five fingers held up while she secures her after-breakfast cupcake in the other hand.
And one more picture of the birthday girl before she heads off to dance lessons. There's more celebrations scheduled for tonight. Stay tuned...........

Monday, March 19, 2007

We Went to see the Wizard..............

The wonderful Wizard of Oz. Yes, finally the weekend that Madeline has been talking about for three months. Saturday night, we went to see the Martin Community Players in The Wizard of Oz. It was fantastic! The girls were so excited, and of course, dressed up! I loved watching the expressions on their faces, especially at the beginning of the play when the lights dimmed and the orchestra started playing the music. They were so excited and so intent during the whole play. Lydia got a little fidgety towards the end, but overall, they did GREAT and it was a huge success.
They even got their pictures taken with Dorothy.....
....and Glinda/Auntie Em. Madeline even got to hold Glinda's magic wand!
To top off their weekend, we presented them with their birthday present.........a princess car. It's a sweet ride for toddlers....it goes up to 5mph. If Madeline's driving is any indication of what she'll be like at 16, I'm a little worried already!

Friday, March 16, 2007

"This is the best day ever!"

That's exactly what Lydia said about her birthday. She had a great day. The weather was perfect, so there was lots of playing outside. She had a few visitors and phone calls during the day. We ended the day with a birthday supper at Andy's and then presents and cake at home. Here she is getting ready to blow out the candles on her Tinkerbell cake.
And of course, her new Tinkerbell costume was a big hit.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Today, Lydia is three years old. Can you think of any better reason to have a cupcake for breakfast? Or swing outside in your pajamas and sock feet??
It's hard to believe that three years have gone by so quickly. It seems like a very short while ago, we were bringing this baby home from the hospital.
Lydia has such a zest for life and so much personality. I came across this poem and I thought it described her to a tee. The author is unknown, and I changed the last line, just a bit. Happy Birthday Lydia! We love you!

“What Is A Little Girl!”
She's a bundle of sweetness, brightness & fun
The beauty of springtime, the warmth of the sun
She's Innocence covered with mud, sand, & soot
She's Motherhood dragging a doll by the foot...
She's a composite picture of giggles & tears
Of tantrums, excitement, amusement & fears
A bundle of mischief and often a tease
A creature of moods not easy to please...

Who'll capture your heart with her pixie-like grin
Or chatter and beg till your patience wears thin
But obedient, naughty, mischievous or coy
She's our little Lydi-Bug
And she’s a joy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Photo Shoot

Madeline and Lydia have now found their favorite spot in our yard......the dogwood tree in the front yard. We've been spending LOTS of time outside enjoying the warmer weather. They've even been helping me with some yard work and scooping poop! The other day, they were helping me pick up pine cones. We started in the back yard and headed toward the front. As soon as they saw the tree, off they went. I said, "Girls, what happened to my helpers?" Immediately, Lydia responded," Mommy, we're busy!" At least the help was good while it lasted.
So, as soon as we got home from church on Sunday, off they went to the front yard to climb in the tree. Of course, I thought it was a great photo opportunity. I think Madeline looks like a little model in this picture.

Lydia had fun posing too. For once, it was actually pretty easy to get them to pose for pictures, since they were having fun in the tree. To see more pics from our photo shoot, check them out on flickr.

Friday, March 09, 2007

R is for ruby slippers

Today's show and tell assignment for Madeline was to bring something that started with the letter R. After going through a few words with her, her eyes lit up and she said, " I know what starts with R, mommy! Ruby Slippers!!!" I should have known it would have been something Wizard of Oz related. She took her Wizard of Oz book when it was W day. Speaking of the Wizard of Oz, I finally landed these plastic figurines from e-Bay a few weeks ago. I plan to use them as cake toppers for the girls' birthday party in a few weeks. The excitement is building. Here are a couple of pictures from last weekend when David took the girls geocaching, or as they like to call it, treasure hunting. They had fun finding the treasures while David had fun plugging in the coordinates into his GPS.