Monday, March 19, 2007

We Went to see the Wizard..............

The wonderful Wizard of Oz. Yes, finally the weekend that Madeline has been talking about for three months. Saturday night, we went to see the Martin Community Players in The Wizard of Oz. It was fantastic! The girls were so excited, and of course, dressed up! I loved watching the expressions on their faces, especially at the beginning of the play when the lights dimmed and the orchestra started playing the music. They were so excited and so intent during the whole play. Lydia got a little fidgety towards the end, but overall, they did GREAT and it was a huge success.
They even got their pictures taken with Dorothy.....
....and Glinda/Auntie Em. Madeline even got to hold Glinda's magic wand!
To top off their weekend, we presented them with their birthday present.........a princess car. It's a sweet ride for goes up to 5mph. If Madeline's driving is any indication of what she'll be like at 16, I'm a little worried already!

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