Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More adventures with Kasey the Wonder Dog....

No, these are not meds for any person in our family. They're all for Kasey K9 Grimes (as written on the medicine bottles). Poor Kasey developed an aural hematoma over the weekend and had to have surgery on Monday. She pulled through it and bought herself another stay in the Elizabethan collar.
The vet tech called it a party hat. I think from the above picture, Kasey doesn't agree. She's doing well.
Lydia's definitely outgrowing her Dora bed. This is how I usually find her before I go to bed and before she gets up.
The girls had fun riding their bikes on Saturday in between the rain showers. Of course, Lydia was dressed in full princess attire.
Madeline enjoyed practicing delivering the newspapers. Might she be following in her daddy's footsteps?

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