Monday, June 18, 2007

The Birthday Beagle

Abby is twelve years old today. She's overall pretty healthy for a "senior" pet. She's looking older and moving a little slower....cataracts, skin tags and a white snout. As long as she's eating or begging, we know she's fine. I think her greatest love in life is food!
Madeline and Lydia showered her with birthday hugs (head locks) and kisses this afternoon. We got her some treats and she gets a special birthday can of Mighty Dog for dinner tonight. Even in her old age, she's very tolerant.

This picture was taken in October 1995, when I first got her. Back then she was all ears. Puppyhood was challenging.....I guess you could say an appetizer for parenthood. Before Madeline and Lydia, she really was the baby. I've got her photo albums to prove it! Happy Birthday, Abby!

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