Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A New Smile

FINALLY! The loose tooth came out! Madeline had a loose tooth for the past few weeks. Yesterday when I picked her up from school, she told me it was wiggling more. She was even a little whiny about it and kept saying it was hurting. During dinner, she was whiny about it, as well. She wouldn't let us touch it, but she wouldn't stop talking about it either. After her bath, she was getting ready to brush her teeth and was starting to get anxious again. Upon closer inspection, I could see that it was really hanging on by a thread of gum tissue. I convinced her to look in the mirror. She tried pulling it out herself, but just couldn't quite get her nerve up. Finally, she asked me to pull it out. And in a was out. She was SOOOO excited and said it didn't even hurt or tickle. And she was even more excited this morning when she found the dollar that that Tooth Fairy left under her pillow.

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