Thursday, January 31, 2008


Finally......a post about our Disney trip! Well, I really had good intentions of posting a lot sooner than now, but that wasn't happening. We came back sick...the girls and I, that is. I think we're all on the mend now though....David took really good care of us and I hope he doesn't get it. All in all, we had a great vacation. Madeline got a fever on Tuesdsay (the second full day of our trip) and continued to have one everyday until we left. We kept her doped up on Motrin and that seemed to do the trick. She was such a trooper. Luckily, fever was her only symptom. The medicine would kick in and then she was good to go. Everything was great.....our hotel, the food, the service, the friendly people, the shows, the charaters, the rides, etc. It really is magical! We were all exhausted by the end of each day and I think we're still feeling the effects of walking around huge theme parks for 5 continuous days. I have finally uploaded pictures from our trip to flickr and have broken them down into different categories. There are lots of pictures! Our favorite park by far was the Magic Kingdom and we spent a lot of time there. Lydia's favorite ride was the Haunted Mansion and Madeline's was the Barnstormer (roller coaster). David even got to enjoy a few adult roller coasters. The girls got to meet lots of Disney characters and even ate breakfast in Cinderella's Castle. You'll have to ask David who is favorite Princess is! I became very familiar with all the restrooms at all the Disney Parks and there are probably only a handful that I didn't visit! We were looking forward to finding out the sex of baby #3 once we returned home. Well, we had our ultrasound on Tuesday, and all is well, but the baby was balled up and would not show us any parts. I'm going to see if my OB can tell me at my appointment tomorrow. This little one's being difficult already!!

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