Monday, February 18, 2008


Today is my 35th birthday. I am officially mid-thirties. I am officially "advanced maternal age" (a term for moms to be 35 or older). I'm now even OLDER than David. He always gives me a hard time about being older than him........ especially since he's still only 33. So far, 35 isn't too bad. I've had a nice laid-back day at home. The girls are out of school today so they have provided me with lots of entertainment. They've been doing "shows" for me which have included lots of singing, dancing, and wardrobe changes. Here are a few flashback pictures:

Me at about 2 months old.
I've been told that my paci was taken away from me right before they snapped the photo.

14 months old....Easter 1974

5 years kindergarten picture

My 31st birthday.......Madeline on my lap and Lydia in utero.

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