Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Work in progress

Well with only about 10 more weeks to go in this pregnancy, I decided it was probably time to get started on the nursery. I've spent the past couple of days painting. I haven't painted in almost three years, since our major kitchen renovation. I have always loved painting, but that whole project made me take a little break from it. Of course, painting a bedroom is much easier that priming and painting new sheetrock and unfinished doors. The color is Pale Apple (green) although it looks yellowish in this picture. I'm finishing up with the trim today. The girls are excited about getting the crib down from the attic. The girls have been in their bunk beds for a couple of months now and are doing well as roomies.

And here's a sneak peek at baby's bedding. It's funny how things change after the first child. At this point in my pregnancy with Madeline, I think everything was pretty much done.......we were just counting down. Oh well, at least this little one's getting a new look for her nursery and I've even managed to capture pictures of my growing belly!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Madeline is playing soccer with Parks and Rec this spring.

Here she is getting in some practice at home.

At Saturday's game, she started out as goalie.

She seems to be enjoying it. These games are definitely entertaining. She called me at work the other night and was SO EXCITED because her team won (after two previous losses). I think her favorite part is the snack at the end of the game.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Year Older

Today is Kasey's 11th birthday. Seven years ago, we were told she had 4-6 months to live when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. She's been through a lot, but is a survivor. Her vet calls her Kasey the Wonder Dog. She's been through a leg amputation, 2 ear surgeries (in the last year), and several other "minor" problems here and there. We never thought she'd out-live Abby. Kasey's now the Queen Dog. And she has survived life with Madeline and Lydia. Hopefully Baby Girl #3 will not do her in. Kasey is such a sweet dog and we're happy she's made it another year. She's already had her "summer" buzz cut and will have a birthday treat later. Happy Birthday K!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Beach Camping

We spent the weekend at Myrtle Beach. We stayed at Ocean Lakes Campground. This was our first time beach camping and it was nice! Fortunately for us, the weather was a lot better than what had been predicted. It rained really hard during the night on Friday, but we were dry as a bone in our good 'ol pop-up.

Saturday was overcast, but the temperature was about 70 degrees. The girls managed to have fun playing on the beach and then we spent some time at the indoor pool.

We headed out that evening to Broadway at the Beach for some rides, shopping, and dinner at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. We all got soaked in a furious downpour.....trying to get from the rides to the restaurant.
Sunday was a gorgeous day. We rented a golf cart to ride around the campground. We spent time on the playground and at the indoor pool. The girls played on the beach (and of course, couldn't resist the freezing water). Lydia's had a low grade fever since Monday night, so she might be paying for her fun in the water!

Overall, it was a great weekend!

Friday, April 04, 2008


These two are soooooo excited because we're going camping!! Have a nice weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I really didn't mean for Spring Break to equal Blog Break, but it did. Somehow, the time just got away. March was very busy for us....especially the last few weeks. With all the birthday celebrations, Easter egg hunts, parties, etc., there wasn't a lot of down time. We did have some good times, though. In the above picture, Madeline and Lydia spend some quality time with their cousin, Caroline.

Here are the girls at their "family" birthday/Easter party. More cake and presents!

Madeline on her 6th birthday. She was a tired 6 year-old by the time this picture was taken. She had her birthday/egg hunt for school at our house, got her ears pierced, dinner at Chili's and then presents at home.
Spending time with friends on Good Friday for another egg hunt. I can't believe all these little sets of eyeballs were looking at the camera!

Me and my girls on Easter.