Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I really didn't mean for Spring Break to equal Blog Break, but it did. Somehow, the time just got away. March was very busy for us....especially the last few weeks. With all the birthday celebrations, Easter egg hunts, parties, etc., there wasn't a lot of down time. We did have some good times, though. In the above picture, Madeline and Lydia spend some quality time with their cousin, Caroline.

Here are the girls at their "family" birthday/Easter party. More cake and presents!

Madeline on her 6th birthday. She was a tired 6 year-old by the time this picture was taken. She had her birthday/egg hunt for school at our house, got her ears pierced, dinner at Chili's and then presents at home.
Spending time with friends on Good Friday for another egg hunt. I can't believe all these little sets of eyeballs were looking at the camera!

Me and my girls on Easter.

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