Friday, May 16, 2008

Flashback Friday :: Love You Forever

I was looking through some pictures and found these two of where the girls had fallen asleep in my arms. I'm glad I have these pictures, because it's been over a year ago when this happened and I don't think it's happened since. Madeline has matured so much over the past year and doesn't actually get in my lap that much. She does like to chill out with me on the sofa some, but I think the days of her getting in my lap and falling asleep are almost over. Sigh.... Lydia's just so busy and wide open that she can hardly be still enough to sit in my lap, never mind actually fall asleep. Looking at these pictures reminds me of one of the girls' favorite books, Love You Forever. I know soon there will be a new baby to hold. That is, if the girls will let me.

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