Monday, July 28, 2008

Loving Margo

We are in love with little Miss Margo.

The first 4 weeks have flown by and it's hard now to imagine life without her. She has already brought us so much joy.

Her big sisters cannot get enough of her. They are always wanting to hold her and kiss that sweet little head.

The girls are always telling us how much they love her.

David has another Daddy's girl. Look at that head control!

I love carrying her around in the Baby Bjorn......nice and snuggly.

Get used to this, Margo. Your mama is a shutterbug and can never have too many pictures of her girls.


Flynn said...

Love your new pics. Also love the background. I am going to be a copy cat. Check mine out soon. See you.

The Three of Us said...

OK I love your pimped blog, I really need to update mine...
I think i know someone to do it for free... we'll see.
It makes me NERVOUS having someone mess with my SHRINE TO ADDIE.

Hope you are doing well!