Friday, July 18, 2008

This Week....

Madeline has mastered jumping off the diving board. She is so proud of herself and we're proud of her too. She's been swimming like a fish for a long time now, but it has taken her a while to build up her confidence for this. Yay, Madeline!

Lydia shows in these two pictures her true personality and that even at the pool, you can be a fashionista! She's sporting a deflated ball on her head!
And not one, but two swim rings.

Margo is deep in thought in this picture. I'm so proud of her because she slept for 6 hours straight last night!!!!

One night earlier this week, Lydia got out of bed and and handed me this note that Madeline had written for her. Lydia had a boo-boo on her thumb. I guess Madeline didn't want her to get in trouble for getting out of bed, so she sent a note( with a drawing of a hand and a band-aid). How sweet.

David and I have been tyring to bottle up all these sweet newborn moments with Margo. We know they will not last long.

Madeline gets in some good summer reading..........Junie B. Jones, her favorite!!

Happy Friday!!

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The Three of Us said...

Thanks for posting, I love keeping up with your girls!!