Monday, August 25, 2008

Madeline P. Grimes, First Grader

Today was the first day of school. Madeline was excited and has been ready for school to start for a while now.

Madeline walked right in like an old pro. I guess kindergarten definitely prepared her for first grade. It seems like just yesterday, she was starting school.

I hope she will do as well this year as she did last year. It's amazing how much she has learned. She read lots of Junie B. Jones this summer and kept up her artistic skills. When I picked her up today, she said she had a good day and likes her teacher. And of course when we got home, she started playing "school" with Lydia. Margo slept through today's lesson.


The Three of Us said...

I'm so glad Madeline had a good first day and likes Casey! I think she will really enjoy first grade.

Catherine said...

We're so proud of Madeline! I hope Caroline will like school as much as she does one day (although I hope that day doesn't come too soon!)