Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Margo has been smiling and cooing for a couple of weeks now. The smiles are starting to get bigger and are happening more frequently.

Here she is about to crack one......

.........now it's a full-blown grin.

I like how this picture shows off her cute little dimple. I've had a hard time getting a picture of it until today.

Here's another smile. Below are some pictures that have made us smile:

Madeline's big brown eyes underneath her butterfly face painting.

Princess Lydia

Kitchen help......this is how I cooked dinner this night.

Corn shuckers

Madeline admiring Margo

The Baby Bjorn! We've definitely gotten our money's worth with this piece of baby gear. All of our girls have loved it and so do we!

David helping Madeline learn to ride her new bike without training wheels.

She's not there yet, but with some more practice, she will be!


Catherine said...

Margo's getting soooo big, we can't wait to see her (well, all of y'all) this weekend!!

The Three of Us said...

I can't believe that Margo is smiling already.. It felt like it took Addie forever to smile.
Thanks for the photos of Ross and Addie.

I can't believe that Madeline is going to be in the First grade... I hope she gets Miss Barefoot...:)