Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Surfing Through the Scriptures

Last week, the girls attended Vacation Bible School. The theme was "Surfing through the scriptures". They had a lot of fun and looked forward to going each night.

On the last night, Mr. Richard Williams entertained them with his classic story of "Herman the Worm". This was the first time Lydia heard him tell this and I could hear her belly-laughing from where I was sitting.

Here they are posing with their sunglasses they got at VBS. It was a good week and Margo and I enjoyed the break each night. Somehow for those few hours, the house wasn't quite as noisy!
Below is a video clip of one of their songs about the Beatitudes.

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Flynn said...

They look like they are having fun. I hate we missed it. Next year I guess. Talk to you soon.