Friday, September 12, 2008

Flashback Friday :: Favor

People are always asking who does Margo favor---Madeline or Lydia. As soon as Margo was born I immediately said that she looked like Madeline, but with a little more meat on her bones! For the first few weeks, it was like Madeline all over again. Then as the weeks went by I started to see more of Lydia's favor in her. I think she is developing her "own" look. I thought it would be fun to look back at Madeline and Lydia's baby pictures to compare all of their "looks". Can you tell who's who in the above pics?? If not, I'll help you out. From top to bottom...Lydia, Madeline and Margo.

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The Three of Us said...

I could not tell that either 3 pictures were of a different baby. They all look SO much a like. I think they are all 3 a good mix of you and David. ♥