Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Backyard Camping, etc...

Friday night, David, Madeline and Lydia camped out in the tent in the backyard. They were really "roughing it" with the laptop, portable DVD player and the air mattress! They had Jiffy Pop and watched Enchanted. The girls were so excited. This was just an appetizer for our camping trip that we have planned for this weekend.

David left the tent up until Monday afternoon. The girls loved playing in it. It's amazing how much of their "stuff" they had put in the tent that had to make it's way back in the house!

Here's our own natural Halloween decoration right off of our deck! This spider has been in the same spot since Friday afternoon. Check out the zig-zag stitching on that web! That's one crafty spider.
Saturday night the girls and I made a fruit pizza. They loved decorating it...and it was pretty tasty.

We went to a birthday party at Marbles museum on Sunday afternoon and then had dinner at the Mellow Mushroom. This was Margo's second trip ....her first trip was when she was only five days old. Madeline and Lydia loved sitting outside on the covered patio. It was a fun and busy weekend. Now I gotta get busy planning and packing for this weekend!

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