Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bring on the FALL

What happened to September?? I honestly had intentions of doing more posts. It's been a week since I've posted and now it's October! I love fall. It's my favorite time of year. So at least I'll start October with a long post to recap some of the things we've been doing. The girls have been playing outside a lot. Almost every time we come home from school, preschool, church, etc., Lydia heads straight to the swing set. The weather has been great for time outside. And we've been taking Margo on lots of strolls around the neighborhood.
Speaking of the little miss, here she is all smiles this morning and trying out the Bumbo and rockin' some jeans thanks to cousin Caroline. She turned 3 months on Monday and I had planned to do a post.....
Anyhoo, she is growing so much. She is giving us lots of smiles and we heard the faint beginnings of a laugh the other night. It's not a full-on belly laugh yet. I can't wait to get those on video.
She's taking lots more interest in her toys now, especially the ones on her play mat. She reaches for them and tries her best to put them in her mouth. The other night she practically had her whole fist in her mouth. Oh, and there's drool now.....lots of drool.
Margo enjoys playdates, too. Above with Addison. These girls are loving their pacis.

With her buddy Branson.

Madeline is still loving having a baby in the house. Here she is taking pictures of Margo with her own camera .

A few weekends ago, Lydia went to her first Carolina football game with David, Grandpa and Uncle Greg. She had a good time, even though the Heels were defeated.

We're looking forward to all that fall brings....cooler weather, a camping trip next weekend, pumpkins, Halloween, and our new little nephew/cousin who is due in one week!!

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Leslie said...

I love Margo in the bumbo...too cute!