Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's all coming together

October is such a busy month. I have been wanting to post pictures of things we've been doing over the past few weeks, but somehow that hasn't happened. Hmmm... This week Halloween is quickly approaching and I'm knee deep in to-do lists for church, dance, school, preschool, etc. Tonight I'm baking for the Fall Bazaar at church and finishing up Halloween costumes.
We did make it to the NC State Fair last Tuesday. It was a gorgeous day and all three girls did great. I think Margo liked strolling around and watching everything. We probably stayed about 30 minutes too late, because up until then, there had been no meltdowns, whining, etc. Well about 6:30pm, it hit (from Madeline & Lydia). All was well within a few minutes after a potty break and the purchase of a light-up sword. All in all, it was a good day.

A few weeks ago, Lydia's preschool class went to the pumpkin patch. Margo and I went and Lydia picked out the cutest baby pumpkin for Margo. Tomorrow, Madeline's first grade class is going to the pumpkin patch and Margo and I are going too.

Here's a sneak peek at Margo's Halloween costume. She is going to be a flower ( a hydrangea). This is her headpiece that I'm still working on. I think she'll look like one of those Anne Geddes babies.

Lydia's Wonder Woman costume is done for the most part. I finished her boots tonight. I just spray painted a pair of Wal-Mart boots and made the white stripes out of bandage tape. Her costume has been fun to make. Madeline is going to be Sharpay from High School Musical. She has a good old store-bought costume, so that's one less thing on my to-do list.
Oh, and I can't believe my baby is already 4 months old on Wednesday. How did that happen?


Grandma said...

You make me tired!! I know all three will be precious. Madeline does not want to be precious anymore, but she still is. I hope you can make a quick trip to Smfld Manor--nobody has seen Margo yet.

The Three of Us said...

You're the best Mom!! I couldn't omagine having 3 kids and doing everything you do!! AWESOME GINA!!

I can't wait to see the girls tonight!
Thanks for all of your hard work!!

Leslie said...

I love the wonder woman outfit! I hope to be able and see the girls at some point tomorrow!

Team Harris said...

You rock Gina!!! Your talent has no limit...you amaze the rest of us!

Hadley said...

You are one talented mommy Gina! I am impressed!!

East Coast Vinsons said...

That is great work on the Wonder Woman costume.