Sunday, November 30, 2008


I'm so thankful to have these three precious girls.
We had a very nice Thanksgiving Day. We ate with the Grimes and Gammons families and enjoyed visiting with each other. All the Grimes cousins were together.

Little Miss Caroline is so quick......I'm lucky I even got this picture. This girl is on the go! She reminds me a lot of Lydia at this age (busy, busy). She's so cute and is learning lots of new things. I love to hear her talk, especially when she requests to see Yo Gabba Gabba.
Margo and Brayden--the two baby cousins. Brayden is handling being the only boy with all these girls just fine. The little guy is so sweet. He caught lots of zzzz's on Thanksgiving day.

Grandma and Grandpa with all their grandchildren

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Little Miss

Little Miss Margo is doing all kinds of new things now.
She's sitting in the "bug".

She's eating rice cereal. We started this a few weeks ago and she's now actually opening her mouth like a little bird instead of spitting it all back out!

She's loving bath time more and more....especially now that she can hold her rubber ducky and cram it in her mouth.

Happy girl in her hooded towel after bath time.

She's enjoying 1st grade level books. I love that Madeline can read to her.

Of course, she's still thoroughly entertained by her sisters
and right in the middle of whatever is going on.

Mama's sweet baby.
The most recent milestone for Margo is rolling over. She started doing this last week. I know now the days are numbered before she's all over the place.
Here's a video showcasing her newest talent.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Carolina Homecoming

On Saturday, we took the girls to Chapel Hill for the Carolina/Ga. Tech football game. It was also Homecoming. Our blood definitely runs Carolina blue and we're making sure the girls know it early on. It was very gray and rainy when we left Saturday morning, but by the time we were making our way into Chapel Hill, the sun started peeking through the clouds and it turned out to be a gorgeous day....perfect football weather. On the way there, David told Madeline that God was a Carolina fan....that's why the sky is (Carolina) blue!

Having three girls doesn't mean they only wear pink.
I think this shade of blue is just perfect on them!!

Our 'lil Tarheel! Isn't she adorable?? She did great at the game!
She caught a few naps and just took it all in.

This was Lydia's second football game this season.
She cheered the Heels on to a victory.

Madeline took this picture of us. I'm sure neither of us imagined 16 years ago (when we first met) that we would be bringing three little girls to ballgames and showing them the dorm we lived in, etc. etc. And I'm quite sure David never imagined himself pushing a stroller through Kenan Stadium with a "Max and Ruby" backpack flung over his shoulder!

Madeline was full of questions (as usual) about college. We showed her our dorm, the Pit, the libraries, the Student Stores, the Old Well and several other things around campus. After answering several of her questions, she told me, " I think I'll go to this college". Atta Girl!!

Every time we go back for a game, we realize how much things have buildings where parking lots used to be, high tech stuff everywhere you turn, college kids that keep looking younger and younger. But at the same time, things are still the same. David and I always get very nostalgic and recall memories of our college years. As we were riding back to the parking lot on the Tarheel Express, the hum and smell of the bus seemed all too familiar in just an instant. Oh, and the traffic!!! We rounded out our day with a visit to U-Mall and breakfast for dinner at Breadman's. It was fun to go "home" to Carolina!

To see more pics from our day, click here.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


I finally captured Margo laughing on video. We were in the van while David was doing a diaper run. The girls were talking to Margo and being silly. Luckily, I had the camera because it was Halloween. It was dark, so the quality isn't that great...but it's still cute. Pause the playlist to hear our happy girl.

I've also uploaded more Halloween and Fall Bazaar pictures to flickr.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween 2008

Well, we survived Halloween! Here they are in their costumes.

Madeline was Sharpay from High School Musical. She loved that I let her borrow a pair of my dangly earrings. After a few minutes of wearing the wig, she ditched it and decided her own blonde hair would do.

Here is Lydia as Wonder Woman. For those of you that know Lydia, this was SO her ....she wore those boots well and even tried out her truth lasso on a few people.

And finally, sweet little Margo as a hydrangea. Hopefully she will forgive me for the ridiculous amount of pictures I made her pose for in her costume. But honestly.....look at her. Can you blame me????