Thursday, November 20, 2008

Little Miss

Little Miss Margo is doing all kinds of new things now.
She's sitting in the "bug".

She's eating rice cereal. We started this a few weeks ago and she's now actually opening her mouth like a little bird instead of spitting it all back out!

She's loving bath time more and more....especially now that she can hold her rubber ducky and cram it in her mouth.

Happy girl in her hooded towel after bath time.

She's enjoying 1st grade level books. I love that Madeline can read to her.

Of course, she's still thoroughly entertained by her sisters
and right in the middle of whatever is going on.

Mama's sweet baby.
The most recent milestone for Margo is rolling over. She started doing this last week. I know now the days are numbered before she's all over the place.
Here's a video showcasing her newest talent.


Anonymous said...

What a girl!! Looks like she keeps her mouth open A LOT--or either plugged up with a pacifier!

Catherine said...

We enjoyed seeing y'all today, looking forward to seeing you again next week!

Leslie said...

She looks like one happy baby!