Sunday, December 14, 2008

Children's Choir

Tonight we had our Children's Choir Christmas program at church. It was called The Christmas Present. We have been practicing for this since September.

Madeline loves being in Children's Choir. She did a great job.

Lydia is..... well, Lydia! I know she had the wiggles, but I did see her singing. Now, for what I didn't see while I was directing....David and Leslie informed me that Lydia did pick her nose during the program. She has been known to do this in other choir performances. I guess I'll have to look at the video to see what all I missed. I just hope she didn't eat any boogers!!

All of the children did a great job. Sherry & I are so proud of them. They just got their new choir robes a few weeks ago. They wore them in church this morning for the first time. I think the children look so sweet in them. These robes are just darling on the youngest choir members!

Here are all the kids right before lining up to perform. Things can get pretty wild in this room each Wednesday night at practice. We have to sing again on Wednesday night at another church function and are going to try and squeeze in Christmas caroling before Christmas. They will definitely deserve a much needed break (and so will Mrs. Sherry and Mrs. Gina!!!).


Grandma said...

The program was great! Margo loved it. I think she was singing along through her hiccups. And yes, I think I did see Lydia having a booger snack!

Leslie said...

Everyone did such a great job! Won't be too long before its Margo and Brayden up there!

Catherine said...

I hate that we missed the Childrens Choir. They look like little angels in the choir robes!