Thursday, December 18, 2008

First Grade Writings

I always look forward to the things that the girls make and bring home from school and preschool. But this year I have especially enjoyed Madeline's first grade writings. For example:
Letters to Santa.... I love that she told him where he could buy it.

This one says:
Dear Santa I have been very good this year. I listen to my Teachers. I have been good at school I do not cry no moore. I want a cupcake maker.

She REALLY wants that cupcake maker. It's on the top of her list. When we had breakfast with Santa a few weeks ago, she made sure she told him that. I asked her if she asked for anything else and she said, "No, just the cupcake maker".

This one made her teacher laugh!!! One day, Miss Barefoot told all the kids to write about something that they really wanted but didn't have at that particular time. Madeline wrote:

I need some hihg hills (high heels)
Kus (Cause) I like to be sacy (sassy).
It is fun.

She's sassy, alright. This girls LOVES a pocketbook and some high heels. In this picture, she and Lydia are being "Fashion Girls". They love to prance around in my shoes or boots and accessories, with their suitcases in tow..... pretending they're boarding a plane, headed to India! Leave it to little imaginations.


Grandma said...

How 'bout some cupcakes for Grandma, too?

Catherine said...

Too cute, I can't wait for Caroline to be able to write like that! See you soon!!

Leslie said...

I hope that she gets her cupcake maker! I hate that we won't be here to open gifts and see their reactions on Christmas this year...I love it when Lydia exclaims "it's a box!"