Friday, December 12, 2008

Tis the Season...... be busy!! I feel like I just blinked and another week has flown by. We are in the full swing of the Christmas season with lots going on. Looks like these two fell asleep waiting for Santa. Actually they fell asleep watching a DVD. I thought they looked so sweet. This was last Saturday night when the lights went out. I was letting the girls stay up late to help me wrap presents. As soon as we started, the power went out. So thank goodness for the portable DVD player. They slept there all night.

Last Saturday, we had Breakfast with Santa at church. Here are the baby cousins, Brayden and Margo ...their first visit with Santa.

The girls with Santa

Margo with Santa

"Who is this fella?" She did pretty good. She got sort of squirmy at the end. When I went to take her from him, she had a handful of his beard!

Here's Margo's favorite new face to make. I call it the "where are my dentures?" smile.

She started baby food a few weeks ago. She's had squash, sweet potatoes, and green peas. So far, so good.

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