Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Back on 2009

January: last visit with great-grandma, mobile margo, goodbye to kasey, snow

February: valentines, my 36th b-day, madeline's broken arm

March: lydia's 5th b-day and madeline's 7th birthday. hello spring.

April: tarheels national basketball champions, easter, warmer weather, granny lucy's in heaven

May: soccer, mother's day, great grandma's in heaven, pullen park, dance recital, end-0f-school-year stuff=busy, busy, pool opens

June: end of school, t-ball, camp done lee, david's 35th, concerts, father's day, margo's 1st birthday, beach, pool

July: happy fourth, more beach, camp don lee again, kings dominion, vbs, year round school starts

August: lydia starts kindergarten, madeline starts piano, back to dance: hip hop and clogging, more beach

September: back to the grind: homework, schedules, after-school activities, merin is born, baltimore trip, anna gets married

October: u2 concert, camping, 12th wedding anniversary, we welcome kramer, pumkin patch, fall bazaar, halloween

November: heaven welcomes richard williams, family hurricanes game, much to be thankful for :)

December: breakfast with santa, children's choir musical, christmas on candy cane lane, piano recital, family carolina basketball game, christmas eve service, christmas day, christmas vacation, chuck e. cheese's, build-a- bear, movies, taking down decorations, reflecting on how blessed we are!
2009 has been a good year for us. Although we lost some loved ones, we know that they are in Heaven! Here's hoping for a happy and healthy 2010.
Happy New Year!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!!!

It's Christmas Eve and we had some excited little girls before bedtime tonight. I've still got some presents to wrap. Hope Santa shows up!!!!

Earlier in the week we took the girls to the UNC/Marshall basketball game. Margo liked waving her pom pom and cheering on the Heels.

Madeline and Lydia got to meet the Carolina Santa Claus.

Below is a little video clip of Margo saying "HoHoHo". The quality isn't that great because of the lighting, but you get the idea. Merry Christmas everyone. I've got some good posts coming up!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'Tis the Season... be BUSY!!! It's hard to believe that we're halfway through the month of December and that Christmas is just a little over a week away! I love Christmas and the Christmas season, but boy is it busy! We've done a little holiday baking. Margo really got into it, as evidenced by all the flour on her face!
We made a BIG mess, but we had fun.

Here's little miss, sporting her hand-me-down coat and hat from cousin Caroline. We get so many compliments when she wears this!

Last Saturday we had 'Breakfast with Santa' at our church. Margo is fascinated with Santa and says "HO HO" when she sees him, but she wasn't interested in sitting in his lap. Here she is checking him out from afar while Brayden gets a little bit closer.

Madeline hopped right in his lap....

.......and made sure she told him everything on her list.

This is about as close as Margo got.

Our outgoing Lydia was being very SHY on this day and didn't want to talk to Santa. I had to tell Santa what was on her list.

After that, she hopped up in his lap for a picture! Go figure!

Our family with Santa.

On Sunday night, Madeline and Lydia were in our musical for Children's Choir, "It All Happened in the Country". Here they are posing before heading to the church.

Our Children's Choir. They did an AWESOME job!

Don't they look cute in their country clothing??

Madeline, Lydia and Alyssa sang as a trio for one song. I was so proud of them.

They love being in children's choir.

Afterwards, we had a birthday party for Jesus. After all, HE is the reason for the season.
We've been busy and will continue to be. Tomorrow night we have Lydia's Kindergarten program at school and on Saturday we have Madeline's first piano recital. Good stuff, indeed.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Photo Shoot

On Sunday we had a little photo shoot with the girls and surprisingly, they cooperated and the pictures turned out great! I just love this one of Margo. I think she looks like she could be a little model in this picture.

Lydia never passes up an opportunity to strike a pose.

Madeline even got into posing for the camera.

M & L love to do these back-to-back shots.

My big girl.

Miss Lydia with her big smile.

In front of Ms. Andrea's fireplace.

Kramer sporting the Dollar Tree Santa suit. He was less than impressed.
Our Christmas card picture will be the one posted as our header for the blog. Thanks to miniature marshmallows, we were able to get Margo to sit in the rocker. We threatened/bribed the older two, and voila......SUCCESS!!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thankful amidst the Chaos

We had a very nice Thanksgiving holiday. Lydia made a pilgrim hat and collar at school and modeled it for me. She gave me several poses. She went from being prayerful......

to "silly-faced" pilgrim Lydia.

Margo has taken a liking to helping me cook. Here she is testing out the cream cheese frosting for the carrot cake I made for Thanksgiving. I should have made the frosting before the cake, because the entire time I was making the cake she was clinging to both of my legs. Once the frosting was made, she finally let go!

Here she is helping make friendship bread. Aunt Catherine gave us a starter mix. There are several variations to this and we made the cinnamon bread.

And here is Madeline sampling the finished product.

From the looks of this picture, one would think this sweet little pup is perfectly content chewing his bone. NOT!!! While I was at work on Thanksgiving night, David texted me a picture of our carpeted step (that goes from our kitchen to our den) that Kramer decided to chew. Guess he thought he'd have his OWN Thanksgiving dinner. David had even seen him nipping at the step and sprayed it with bitter spray and he went straight to it!!!!! There is now a nice corner of plywood showing. He has also chewed the side of the house, our french doors and the deck benches. Oh, and our backyard is full of holes. He is just chewing on everything and I'm afraid our dining room furniture is going to be next.
So....the puppy has been keeping us very busy and making us a little cRaAAAzY! David has repaired the breaks in our underground fence and will start the training tomorrow. And we have a remote control zap collar on the way......
Wish us luck, we're gonna need it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Lydia recently learned how to play chopsticks and has been practicing over and over..... I accompanied her for a little duet.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Canes Game

On Sunday we took the girls to the Carolina Hurricanes Hockey game. It was a last minute decision, so we sat in the nosebleed section. Ha!

David, Madeline and Lydia

This was Margo's first hockey game and she did really well. Madeline fed her some dippin' dots ice cream.

She's clapping for the Hurricanes, cheering them on.

Look at all of those empty seats behind us. Sadly, there were lots of empty seats in the lower level, too. With the Hurricanes record this season, it's hard to believe they were Stanley Cup champions just a few years ago.

Cheesin' for the camera. Maybe Margo's happy because they WON!!!! Yep, the first time in fifteen games. It was an OT shootout, but hey, a win's a win!

After the game we lined up on the ice to get our picture taken on the players' bench.

And here we are......on the bench!

David, Madeline and Lydia on center ice.

With Stormy again.....some nice fella took our pic, but cut our heads off in the first pic of this post, so here is one zoomed out.

What a fun day! This little cheerleader caught some zzzzz's on the way home. David said it was a great weekend to be a CAROLINA fan. Not only did the Hurricanes win, but so did the Carolina Panthers, Carolina Men's basketball and football teams, and the Carolina Women's soccer and field hockey teams!