Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kasey the Wonder Dog

Eight years ago today, we found out that Kasey had osteosarcoma. It was terrible news. The vets told us she had 4-6 months to live. We couldn't believe this had happened to our sweet doggie, who at the time was just a few months shy of her fourth birthday. We decided to have her leg amputated and that was chemo, etc. Well, eight years later, she's still here!!! She beat cancer. Luckily her cancer did not spread. However, Kasey is not getting around too well these days. We're having to assist her up and down the steps and she's scooting around the house now, just dragging her one back leg. She's 11 now and it's starting to show. She's had her share of other problems too.
She's always been David's dog. She is so loyal to him. In fact she loves him so much that in the past, if he was sleeping, and I was still awake, she would go to the bed and pant in his face until HE let her out. She still loves a good head rub and would sit there all day long if you could rub that long!

She has always been so tolerant with the girls. Here's a picture of Madeline when she was a little over a year old.....using Kasey as a giant pillow. I don't know how much longer Kasey will be around and I certainly dread the thought of putting another dog down. But one thing's for sure.....she's a sweet dog and we love her!


Leslie said...

Kasey really is a wonder dog! Love the new picture of the girls at the top of your blog too...they all look beautiful!

Catherine said...

We're sooo sorry about Kasey, she was such a great dog! I know y'all will miss her, but it's good to know she's running around doggy heaven on 4 legs now and keeping Abbey company.