Friday, January 30, 2009

On a Happier Note....

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments, cards, calls, and e-mails about Kasey. We do miss her but have some great memories. I must say I was relieved that during the snow, we weren't having to drag poor Kasey in and out of the house in the snow! In her younger days, she loved the snow, but had she been around for it this time, she most likely would have been miserable. However, the girls had a blast in the snow. The last time we had any snow to speak of, Madeline was almost 2. She doesn't remember it. So this was really the girls' first REAL snow. They had fun playing in it. We even made snow cream and a snow man. To see pictures from our snow days, click here.
This post is going to be a bit random because I realized there are several pictures that I never got around to posting. So here goes.......
The girls congregate in our bed first thing every morning. It's become the meeting place where we start our day and I start reciting the regulars: What do you want for breakfast? Put your clothes on. Have you brushed your teeth? No you can't have a fudge round for breakfast! Hurry Up!, etc., etc....

On Christmas Eve, Madeline and Lydia helped Grandpa ring the bell for the Salvation Army at Carolina Pottery. They seemed to enjoy it. Plus Grandpa got them out of my hair for a bit so I could focus on last minute Christmas preparations.

I got to babysit Brayden for the first time while his mommy went for a hair appointment. He was such a good boy. He even took a nap and never fussed. Of course, I had my little helpers nearby. He had one little tiny damp spot on his outfit and Madeline was immediately finding a change of clothes for him from his diaper bag.

I guess this is what it would be like with twins! Margo didn't seem to mind sharing me.

The weekend after New Year's we spent some time with David's mother's side of the family and went to see David's grandmother. To the girls, she is "Great Grandma". This was her first time meeting Margo. It was good to see her and I think she enjoyed seeing us.

This is definitely picture worthy!!! This is the first time EVER that Margo has fallen asleep on the floor while playing. Unfortunately she is not a great napper. She catches a lot in the car, and on the go. We're doing good if she sleeps over 30 minutes at a time. However, she does sleep about 12 hours each night. We thought that was coming to an end because right after Christmas, she started waking up in the middle of the night. She would usually go back to sleep after holding, rocking or feeding. But there were a couple of times where she would be up for a couple of hours. We gave her a couple of weeks, thinking maybe it was a growth spurt. Well, after about three weeks, it was getting to be pretty old. So what did we do??? We introduced her to the Ferber Method! That's right. Hopefully, I'm not jinxing myself, but we did it Sunday night at bedtime and once in the middle of the night and now she's back to her old self.....sleeping 12 hours!!! Thank goodness. And if she starts waking up again, Ferber it is!

Margo is starting to feed herself some. She loves these snacks called Baby Mum Mums. They dissolve really quickly. She also loves crackers and bread. She can put a hurtin' on a Cracker Barrel biscuit too. Well, who cant??? They're so good.

Any day now, she is going to start crawling. I can't believe I just typed that. But she has totally mastered getting up on her hands and knees, and rocking back and forth. Once she gets her arms and legs in sync, we're in trouble. And I need to do some serious baby proofing.

Little imaginations never cease to amaze me. Can you guess who the girls were dressed up as?
Mary and Joseph!

Lydia made sure she portrayed Mary appropriately. If you ask me, I think she's carrying that baby a little high!

Lydia recruited her Curious George stuffed animal to play the part of baby Jesus. Of course, Jesus needed to eat after he was born! That Lydia is a hoot!!!

Happy Friday!


aan said...

waw i think you very happy in your life..
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creative gal said...

Hi Gina!! I love the fact it looks like she is nursing George! :o) YEAH!!! I thought I would leave a comment so you could find my blog. . . I need to do some updating. . . behind again. :0)

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