Friday, January 09, 2009

Someone please tell me...

...where the last six months have gone!!!!! Look at this sweet girl! Time is literally flying by. We have a 6 month old! Here we are already a week into 2009, and I haven't even posted. We've been busy going here and there, and just general everyday stuff with three kiddos. One of my New Year's resolutions is to finish Lydia's baby book and to get started on Margo's. Just in case that doesn't happen, I'll write a few things about Margo and what she's doing at six months.

*She weighed 15 lbs. 4.5 oz at her 6 month check up. She's the smallest of the three at this age, although the largest at birth. Hmmm.
*She's rolling over both ways now...why I even bother putting a blanket down on the floor for her is beyond me. And she's starting to push up on her hands and knees.
*She's very, very close to sitting all alone.
*She loves the song "Banana Phone". Her little face just lights up when she hears it.
*She's taking lots more interest in her toys. She especially loves a cup and the remote.
*She's reaching for and grabbing at EVERYTHING!! Just the other night, I had her in her high chair (I thought she was far enough away from the table). I turned away and then I heard Madeline yelling, "Mommy, Margo's got your salad". Yep, it was on the floor!
*She still thinks that Mommy should hold her 24/7!
In her first six months, she has been to the beach, camping, the State Fair, a Carolina football game and traveled from one end of NC to the other. I wouldn't say that she has slowed us down any!
Here is a picture of her while eating some carrots at dinner. She loved spreading the carrots all around on the tray. I have taken a "carrot face" picture with all of the girls.

Here's Lydia in August of 2004

And Madeline in September of 2002. I just noticed that M & L are wearing the same bib. I still have it....guess I should take another picture of Margo's carrot face with this bib to make it the "official" carrot face picture!

After the carrots, it was straight to the tub. Madeline has been begging for Margo to get in the tub with her and Lydia. So I got the tub ring, and snapped a few pics of all three in the tub--a first.

And of course, a silly pose. Margo was entertained, as usual. I know the next six months will fly by too, but I am trying to enjoy every minute of all the girls' milestones.....although some are more enjoyable than others!!


Jenny said...

I can't believe Margo is 6 months old. I got to see her the other day when David brought her in to show us...she is so adorable...I could just hold her all day and do nothing.

Flynn said...

Your pictures are precious. She is growing. It is sad in a way. When I look at Branson I don't see that little bitty boy anymore. She looks so much like Lydia and Madeline.

Grandma said...

And in six more months, she will be everywhere--just like her sissies!! So precious. You forgot to mention that she was buying a car when she was a week old.