Saturday, February 28, 2009


Margo has many different modes of transportation! Mommy's arms are her favorite....I'm sure. But there are several other ways this little girl gets around. Madeline loves to push her around in the baby doll stroller. The above picture was taken before Madeline broke her arm. So these stroller rides are on hold for a bit.

She actually likes riding in this stroller. One Sunday morning not too long ago, Madeline was pushing her in it. Margo was very content and David suggested we take it to church with us.

David has been using the backpack carrier quite a bit lately for some walks with her around the neighborhood..........

......and for doing his Mr. Mom duties!!!

Not that you can tell from this picture, but she does enjoy rides in the laundry basket. I think this ride had gotten a little "wild" right as I was taking the picture. I think Madeline gave her a little whiplash!

On Friday afternoon the girls and I played outside. Margo had her first wagon ride. She loved it.

She stayed in the wagon for a long time. Lydia rode with her some and Madeline seemed to be ok pulling them with just one hand.

She got her feet dirty for the first time from the dirt that was in the bottom of the wagon. She didn't seem to mind. She kept moving her feet back and forth, exploring!

Below is a video of some of her rides.


creative gal said...

Very very cute!!

Grandma said...

With all those modes of transportation available, Margo may never learn how to walk!