Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday Week Recap

Last week was a very busy week with Madeline and Lydia's birthdays. On Saturday, the girls had their birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's in Goldsboro. They had a great time and I think their friends enjoyed it as well.

Here they are blowing out their birthday candles, just after doing a little song and dance with Chuck E. Cheese.

Madeline's Littlest Pet Shop cake.

Lydia's Pink Panther cake.

Margo liked her first trip to Chuck E. Cheese's, but really liked the balloons.

Lydia posing on her actual birthday, 3/15. This was taken right before going to church. She was so excited that day and told nearly everyone she saw that it was her birthday. The congregation sang Happy Birthday to her. And she announced in her sing-songy way that she was going to kindergarten!!!

Here she is about to blow out the candles on her cake and her little bowl of frosting. She doesn't care much for the actual cake part of a cake. In fact, her idea of eating a cupcake is licking the frosting off. I've always said I should just stick a candle in a bowl of frosting for her. And this year, I did that!

Madeline celebrated with a birthday party snack in her classroom. And just before her party, she was surprised by Grandpa, who was the Mystery Reader for her class that day!!!

That evening, we celebrated with dinner at Cracker Barrel and then came back home for cake and presents. Madeline had help from her sissies.
We were definitely caked out by the end of the week (or at least I was....from making them). It was a good week, though. It's always busy, but filled with so much excitement from the girls. So now only 3 months 'til it's Margo's turn. Oh my.....
Medical Updates
Madeline had her cast taken off on Thursday. Her arm is still not completely healed, but the orthopaedist felt it was OK to take it off. She is still guarding it quite a bit. Definitely no soccer for her this season.
Lydia had her Kindergarten shots and a finger prick yesterday and she and David survived. I decided that since David was off yesterday, he should get to experience holding down a very strong-willed 5 year-old!


Grandma said...

Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed the birthday week with your girls, too! We just can't believe they are so big.

Leslie said...

We enjoyed the birthday celebrations as well. And your cake decorating abilities never cease to amaze me!!

Catherine said...

Great pics! Caroline LOVED the CEC birthday party, we may have to do the same in June. Hopefully we'll see y'all Easter weekend again!