Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Cast

Madeline finally got her cast. Our appointment was at 5pm, and it was around 6pm when she actually got it! Just in case you can't tell from the picture, it's HOT PINK!!!!!!!!!

Waiting for it to dry.

Waiting for our breakfast for dinner at IHOP (Madeline's choice).

She is so excited about getting signatures. She even signed her own name.

David finding the perfect spot to sign "Daddy". I have a feeling that by the time she gets home from school on Friday, the cast will appear black with all the signatures she plans to get.


creative gal said...

LOL I love the color!! Tell her I had a purple cast, a carolina Blue cast X3, a green cast, a red cast (both of those were for Christmas). I hate she has one, but know she will feel better soon!!

Grandma said...

She must save room for Grandma--I will write small, I promise.

Leslie said...

Make sure she leaves room for Aunt Leslie to sign as well! Hot pink looks good on her =)