Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy Bees and Monkey Business

WOWZER!! I didn't mean to take a two week blog break. I've been meaning to post, but life and all the busy-ness sort of got in the way. Margo has definitely been keeping us busy, as she is getting into everything now! She is a little monkey--climbing in the dishwasher, in chairs, etc. Here's a peek at some of her favorites.

Today was perfect pool weather. And it was Margo's first time in the pool. We stayed outside all afternoon.

In the big pool.

Margo loved her baby pool.

She loved sitting in her stroller and watching her sisters while she had a snack. They kept her so entertained and I was actually able to plant some flowers!

Here's a video clip of their fun in the pool today:

Here are some pictures taken over the last two weeks.

Madeline and Lydia on Easter Sunday. I snapped this one when we got home from church. Margo was asleep in the van.

Margo checking out her goodies from the Easter Bunny.

Madeline has a new smile!!! She finally lost her top right middle tooth. That thing was seriously hanging on by a thread (for-ev-er!!). She pulled it herself and got $2 from the Tooth Fairy.

Lydia started soccer. Her team is the Hurricanes. Being the social butterfly that she is,
here she is chatting it up with a teammate, while she is supposed to be playing offense.

Again, goofing off and not paying attention. This age group is definitely entertaining to watch. She actually has done really well as goalie and has stopped several balls.

Margo sporting her Carolina Hurricanes cheerleader dress. David dressed her this day to support the Canes in the playoffs.

Margo's first bike ride with Daddy.

She loved it!

Playing with her cuz, Brayden.

Lovin' on George.
Here's a video of her lovin'/attacking George one night while Madeline and Lydia were in the bathtub.


Catherine said...

Margo's busy bee pictures remind me ALOT of Caroline, she still likes getting into the same things. We enjoyed watching the videos too.

Leslie said...

Great update...we loved all of the pictures and videos! Margo sure does make a cute caniac.