Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sweet Carolina Girls

Do these girls look happy or what?? Of course they are, because UNC is the National Basketball Champions!!!! Unfortunately, I missed all but the last five minutes of the game because the power was out in Smithfield for five hours Monday night :( Anyway, I put the girls to bed by candlelight. David was at work and my neighbor came over and we listened to Woody on the radio and ate pizza and had a nice visit.

Yesterday we went to Chapel Hill to get new Championship t-shirts. The girls wore their shirts today and I couldn't pass up this photo opportunity on such a pretty day.

They were actually very cooperative. Yes, I did bribe the older two with cupcakes.

To see more pics from today's photo shoot, click here.

Carolina girls.........the best in the world!!! So true.
Happy Easter!!!!


creative gal said...

Very nice!!

Grandma said...

They are the best girls in the world--and entertaining, too.

Catherine said...

Caroline LOVES her new Carolina championship t-shirt too, thanks!!