Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dance! Dance! Dance!

It's that time of year again! The girls have their dance recital on Saturday. Today we had the dress rehearsal. Aren't these the cutest ballerinas??

Lydia, pretty in pink.

Madeline striking a pose.

Here they are in their tap costumes. I had to snap this one fast....time to perform!!

Enjoy the sneak peek of their recital!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


There is just something so sweet about a sleeping baby.

I just couldn't resist taking some pictures today.

Especially when I saw these little piggies peeking out from under the blankie.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Precious Memories

With every picture we take, we have so many memories from that particular day, time, event,etc. This picture was taken on Mother's Day---my first as a mother of three! This Mother's Day was different, too. It was the first Mother's Day that David and I were without a grandparent. Our last living grandparents (my Granny and his Grandma) passed away just two weeks apart.....mine on April 25 and his on May 9th. They both lived very long, wonderful lives and helped mold who we are. We will miss them dearly, but know they are on to bigger and better things in Heaven!!
Yesterday, we were in Forest City for "Great-Grandma's" (what the girls called her) memorial service. David drove by her old house and by this roadside sign, in memory of his Grandpa Thomas. Another memory made.

With my Granny at my college graduation--May 1995

Grandma Thomas holding her first great-grandchild, Madeline. Doesn't she look so proud??

Granny Lucy and Lydia, 2004

With Margo. Her health had declined so much when this picture was taken. Margo was her ninth great-grandchild.

This was taken in January of this year. It was the last time we saw Grandma. I even have a sweet video of her holding Margo during this visit.

Me with my Granny in church . I have so many great memories of my Granny.......homemade biscuits, chicken and pastry, giving her home perms, spending the night every weekend as a little girl, Wheel of Fortune, her blue Christmas window lights.........the list goes on and on.

Here we are with Grandma BC (before children)! I always remember her being so gracious and welcoming when we would visit. One of my fondest memories of spending time with Grandma was on March 5, 1996. That's the day that David proposed to me at Wiseman's View at the Linville Gorge. She was one of the first people we told. She was so happy for us.

We will treasure our precious memories with Granny and Grandma, and all of our grandparents that preceded them in death.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Broadway Bound???

****pause the playlist on the sidebar before playing this clip****

This video clip is from the archives. It was taken last fall, not too long after I had taken the girls to see Annie. They're singing You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile. Notice the dramatic ending by Lydia. Classic.

We are surprising the girls on Friday night and taking them to see The Wizard of Oz in Raleigh. I think they will be so excited and will love it. They went through a Wizard of Oz phase a couple of years ago, including a birthday party and Autumn at Oz. They went to see the play done by a community theater and sat still for three hours! I couldn't believe it. So I know the Broadway version should definitely hold their attention. The obsession has died down a little, but I have a feeling that after Friday night, I might better get the camera ready for some more performances on the living room stage (hearth)!!