Monday, June 29, 2009

Look Who's ONE!!!!

Today is Margo's 1st birthday! Of course, it has flown by and it feels like we just welcomed her. We had a party for her on Saturday. Here's the birthday girl standing beside some of her gifts and showing off her party dress.

Going for her cake like she's in a pie-eating contest!!!

Opening presents . She got lots of fun toys and cute clothes.

What every one year-old needs: a new car. She loves being pushed around in this.

Happy 1st birthday baby girl!!! You have definitely brightened our lives and completed our family. I have loved watching you grow and develop over the last year and interact with
your big sisters. Oh, how they love you. Today is bittersweet for mommy....sort of like the end of an era. I no longer have a little baby, but no matter how big you get, you'll always be my baby. I'm excited for all the new things you will start to do and watch your personality emerge even more. The best is yet to come!!

I've tried very hard over the last year to prevent you from falling into the trap of
"the poor third child gets no pictures" (as in my case). So I may not have your baby book filled out or pictures in your album, but I did make a photo montage for the blog.

Wishing you many many more happy birthdays!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Summer is here and we're staying busy and having fun. Tonight, Margo had her first Push Up Popsicle. She loved it and wore it well.

We've been going to the family pool quite a bit. Margo loves the pool and even has a little tan.

Riding the fun noodle

David and the girls. Madeline swims like a fish and Lydia is working on her swimming. Just last week, she finally worked up the nerve to go under water on her own. This should help so much when she takes more swim lessons in a few weeks.

Margo has been catching some afternoon naps at the pool.

The three musketeers enjoying their Dum-Dums!

Margo playing in our free-cycled playhouse.

Colorful crocs.....a definite sign of summer

Madeline had tennis camp last week.

Lydia is playing tee-ball this summer. Here she is going after the ball.

Running to third base.

Bringing it home!

I can't believe I got all these action shots of Lydia playing. For the last two games, she has been less than enthusiastic on the field. I'm sure there are a lot of contributing factors: late games, tired, sleepy, muggy weather, etc. etc. Anyway we were so proud of her at her last game when she managed to actually hit the ball when it was pitched to her from the coach and she didn't have to use the tee.
Below is a video clip of her hit. I apologize for the yelling in the camera. I was so shocked that she actually hit the ball and wanted to cheer her on. So since I was filming, my cheers are a little crazy, but it's still cute to watch. I love when she gives the thumbs up when she gets to first base.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's Girls

Happy Father's Day!!! David is such a good daddy to our girls. I appreciate all that he does for us. He handles having all girls just fine......from fixing hair and playing princess games to carrying a pink diaper bag!!! And for posing for all my pictures, including the one posted above. It was taken today after church.
We survived the concert Friday night and had a nice, laid-back weekend. Will try to post some pool pictures soon.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Today he's 35!

Today is David's 35th birthday. He is officially mid thirties, but still younger than me!! And he reminds me ever so often :) He told me yesterday that it was the last day he could type in "34" on the treadmill at the gym. I told him 35 was better than the alternative.
Tonight we are going to the Keith Urban concert (his 3rd, my 4th). I never would have thought that when we met 17 years ago that he would ever go to a country concert. He has always given me such a hard time for liking country music. Several years ago we went to a Dixie Chicks concert (his first country concert) and he actually enjoyed it. So slowly but surely, I'm making a country music fan out of him. He now has a new favorite: Kenny Chesney! And guess who we're going to see in August??? Now don't get me wrong.....he still LOVES his Beatles, Stones, U2, Clapton, etc. etc. But all I can say is YEE-HAW!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Babe! LOVE YOU LOTS!!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Camp Don Lee

We spent the weekend at Camp Don Lee with some families from our church.

David and the girls went canoeing on Saturday.

Here are all the kids that went......hopefully there will be more next year. Saturday was damp and cloudy with misting rain off and on all day. That did not stop us from having a good time.

Here's our group eating hot dogs and hamburgers Saturday night.

Margo tries out the camper sink for a "tub bath". This was her second camping trip, but her first time at Camp Don Lee.

The sun came out on Sunday and the girls got some good beach time.

Grandpa Grimes on the trapeze on David's Hobie. David was the Sailing Master for the weekend. He took lots of people out for a sail on his boat.

Margo got some good play time on the beach.

Lydia, Jackson, Madeline and Tyler get ready to go for a sail.

All of the girls looking out of the camper's screened window. Margo really liked looking outside and having people come up and talk to her.

Good friends, family, food, fun and fellowship made for a memorable weekend.