Thursday, June 25, 2009


Summer is here and we're staying busy and having fun. Tonight, Margo had her first Push Up Popsicle. She loved it and wore it well.

We've been going to the family pool quite a bit. Margo loves the pool and even has a little tan.

Riding the fun noodle

David and the girls. Madeline swims like a fish and Lydia is working on her swimming. Just last week, she finally worked up the nerve to go under water on her own. This should help so much when she takes more swim lessons in a few weeks.

Margo has been catching some afternoon naps at the pool.

The three musketeers enjoying their Dum-Dums!

Margo playing in our free-cycled playhouse.

Colorful crocs.....a definite sign of summer

Madeline had tennis camp last week.

Lydia is playing tee-ball this summer. Here she is going after the ball.

Running to third base.

Bringing it home!

I can't believe I got all these action shots of Lydia playing. For the last two games, she has been less than enthusiastic on the field. I'm sure there are a lot of contributing factors: late games, tired, sleepy, muggy weather, etc. etc. Anyway we were so proud of her at her last game when she managed to actually hit the ball when it was pitched to her from the coach and she didn't have to use the tee.
Below is a video clip of her hit. I apologize for the yelling in the camera. I was so shocked that she actually hit the ball and wanted to cheer her on. So since I was filming, my cheers are a little crazy, but it's still cute to watch. I love when she gives the thumbs up when she gets to first base.


Grandma said...

Fun times and precious girls. Life can't get much better--maybe a little quieter, but not better!

Nanners said...

You cannot imagine how many times Anna Jane wanted to watch the video of Lydia playing T-ball. and we were both a little freaked out when we saw Margo's red, drippy face. We didn't realize it was popsicle until we read the post! silly...

Jennifer Jackson (aka Mrs. Jackson) said...

I love your cheering! After a weekend of tournament baseball and listening to overzealous dads coaching and yelling, I've got to be honest - dear sweet Lydia hitting the ball and hearing you cheer her on so sweetly choked me up a little bit. The thumbs up said it all!
You still have one of the best blogs around!!