Friday, June 19, 2009

Today he's 35!

Today is David's 35th birthday. He is officially mid thirties, but still younger than me!! And he reminds me ever so often :) He told me yesterday that it was the last day he could type in "34" on the treadmill at the gym. I told him 35 was better than the alternative.
Tonight we are going to the Keith Urban concert (his 3rd, my 4th). I never would have thought that when we met 17 years ago that he would ever go to a country concert. He has always given me such a hard time for liking country music. Several years ago we went to a Dixie Chicks concert (his first country concert) and he actually enjoyed it. So slowly but surely, I'm making a country music fan out of him. He now has a new favorite: Kenny Chesney! And guess who we're going to see in August??? Now don't get me wrong.....he still LOVES his Beatles, Stones, U2, Clapton, etc. etc. But all I can say is YEE-HAW!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Babe! LOVE YOU LOTS!!!

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Catherine said...

hope y'all enjoyed the concert. I want to see some pictures of David in his birthday hat :-)