Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moving Right Along

Today is Madeline's first day of SECOND grade. I can't believe I just typed that!! Where has the time gone? Her school is adopting a new academic enhancement calendar. Every nine weeks, they will have a two week break, with one of those weeks being an optional intercession. She was up and ready before my alarm even went off this morning. She loves school and I have no doubt that she will have another successful year.

She is in Mrs. Creech's class and has several friends from previous classes in her class. Here she is with Reagan. They became good friends in first grade. After we dropped Madeline off, Lydia had her Kindergarten assessment. She will start in about another week, once all the students have been assessed. Lydia is ready. But is Kindergarten ready for Lydia???

I'm finally catching up on posting some pictures. So here goes. David and the girls at Camp Don Lee a few weeks ago. The had some good daddy-daughter time.
Madeline jumping off the HIGH diving board at the CDL pool. She also loved swinging on the rope at the pool. If you look closely at this picture, you'll see Lydia on top of the platform with a pink fun noodle stuffed up her bathing suit. She said she was pretending to be a dinosaur....thus the tail. To see more CDL pictures, click here.

Two weeks ago at Kings Dominion. Here are the girls in the Mystery Machine.

12 hours later....We definitely made a day of it. I wish I'd worn a pedometer becuase we walked ALOT!!! To see more pics from Kings Dominion, click here.

Lydia finished swim lessons last week and she just keeps getting better. Last week, she jumped off the diving board for the first time. And now that's all she wants to do when we go to the pool.

Caroline is in town and she's spending some time with us this week. She's grown up so fast....seems like she was just a wee one. I love to hear her talk. She's so sweet.
Madeline has been in her "little mama" mode, as usual. So Caroline is having all of her needs met :-) Look at all the girl cousins.

Look who finally got a tooth! And it's on the top. We noticed this pearly white popping through a little over a week ago.

And Little Miss Margo is walking. She started taking 8-10 steps at a time about two weeks ago. With each day, she's taking more and more about 20 at a time. She practices her walking with the baby stroller. Sometimes she gets to going so fast that Baby Alive is not so "alive". Here's a video of her walking, followed by a video of Madeline and Lydia jumping off the diving boards.


Catherine said...

Great pictures! I love the one of all the girl cousins. Thanks for taking care of my baby for me this week.

creative gal said...

Nice pictures!!