Friday, October 09, 2009

Family Addition

Our family is growing. After a lot of talking and thinking......we've decided to go for it. As if life isn't crazy (and wonderful) enough with three little girls, why not add to the chaos with a puppy?? It looks like we're going to be dog owners again, come Sunday.

I started getting the doggie itch over the summer. We were thinking about getting a dog for the girls for Christmas. We had even thought that maybe we'd get another beagle.

Well, thanks to facebook and this sweet little face, we're planning to rescue this little puppy.
It's in Jamesville and we plan to go get HIM on Sunday. David finally will get a boy :-)

Isn't he cute? These pictures came from facebook, so that's why they're small. I'm sure this pup will get his share of photo ops! Wish us luck. And, oh, we need a name!


Leslie said...

His face and coloring reminds me a lot of Callie...beware!! =) He sure is cute! I am sure your girls will have plenty of name suggestions for the new puppy.

Catherine said...

Did y'all have any boy names in mind before you had 3 girls? Use one of those if so, he will be David's only "son" :)

Nanners said...

He looks like a Buster or a Buddy.
We are also waiting to hear if our family is going to expand by 4 furry paws. Keep your fingers crossed for a Golden Doodle!