Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's been a crazy busy week here at the Grimes household. We started the week with preparations for the fall bazaar at church. We had awards day on Tuesday, Lydia's field trip on Wednesday, and the fall bazaar that evening. On Thursday we caught our breath....just a little. Friday night David and I went to a Halloween costume party and today the girls and I painted and carved pumpkins and baked some cupcakes before heading out trick-or-treating. Now, I'm about to head into work!!! But I just had to post a couple of pics. Madeline was Hannah Montana, Lydia was Bat Girl and Margo was a clown. David and I decided to dress up with the girls tonight, since we already had our costumes. I borrowed this Dorothy costume from someone at David's work. And he wore his "Viagra" tie. The girls called him a silly man. We have some explaining to do several years down the road. Anyway, we had a fun time even though it was a bit chaotic. I have lots of pictures to post from our camping trip last weekend and all of our other busy happenings!!!!

BOO, Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!


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