Monday, October 19, 2009

What A Week!!!

It's been a wild week here at the Grimes household!

Last Sunday, the girls and I drove to Jamesville to pick up our new puppy, Kramer.

He is a sweet boy, but he is all PUPPY!!!!

Curious, with sharp little teeth that love to nip and chew on anything in site.

David finally got his "boy".

On Monday, Margo had her first day of Mothers' Morning Out. Here she is cheesin' for the camera before heading out to "school".

She likes her new backpack. She had a great first day.

On Tuesday, we went with the Flynns to Hill Ridge Farms in Youngsville. It was a gorgeous day and the kids had so much fun.

He we are getting ready for the train ride.

Madeline and Lydia in the hay barn.

Margo picking out a pumpkin.
That night we found out that Margo had been exposed to the Swine Flu. Sure enough, Wednesday afternoon she had a high fever. On Thursday, she tested positive for the flu. :-(

Meanwhile, Kramer continued to get spoiled and I knew it would be just a matter of time before Madeline and Lydia got sick....

Snuggled up with his daddy...

Margo is getting more comfortable with Kramer and he is doing better by not jumping up on her so much now.
By Friday afternoon, Margo was feeling much better but her sissies developed fevers. They all have bad coughs and are out of school today. M&L still had low-grade fevers this morning. I'm crossing my fingers that they will be better tomorrow and can go to school. I'm also hoping David and I can bypass the flu. We're supposed to go camping this weekend.
I finally got around to uploading some pics to flickr. Check out Anna & Tim's wedding, Kramer, and Hill Ridge Farms.


Catherine said...

Kramer's a cutie, I know caroline will enjoy playing with him next week! Hope everybody is feeling better.

Grandma said...

I get tired just looking at the pictures! You do not have a boring household--a wonderful one, but not boring.