Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thankful amidst the Chaos

We had a very nice Thanksgiving holiday. Lydia made a pilgrim hat and collar at school and modeled it for me. She gave me several poses. She went from being prayerful......

to "silly-faced" pilgrim Lydia.

Margo has taken a liking to helping me cook. Here she is testing out the cream cheese frosting for the carrot cake I made for Thanksgiving. I should have made the frosting before the cake, because the entire time I was making the cake she was clinging to both of my legs. Once the frosting was made, she finally let go!

Here she is helping make friendship bread. Aunt Catherine gave us a starter mix. There are several variations to this and we made the cinnamon bread.

And here is Madeline sampling the finished product.

From the looks of this picture, one would think this sweet little pup is perfectly content chewing his bone. NOT!!! While I was at work on Thanksgiving night, David texted me a picture of our carpeted step (that goes from our kitchen to our den) that Kramer decided to chew. Guess he thought he'd have his OWN Thanksgiving dinner. David had even seen him nipping at the step and sprayed it with bitter spray and he went straight to it!!!!! There is now a nice corner of plywood showing. He has also chewed the side of the house, our french doors and the deck benches. Oh, and our backyard is full of holes. He is just chewing on everything and I'm afraid our dining room furniture is going to be next.
So....the puppy has been keeping us very busy and making us a little cRaAAAzY! David has repaired the breaks in our underground fence and will start the training tomorrow. And we have a remote control zap collar on the way......
Wish us luck, we're gonna need it!

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Team Harris said...

Grimes Times- You are the most beautiful family. and that sweet little Lydia, the praying pilgrim...too cute! Thanks for sharing!