Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dangerous Duo

OK, folks.....this is definitely a picture for the baby book! Margo loves to play in Kramer's water bowl. This includes dipping her paci in it, blowing bubbles in it, tasting the water, putting the dog food in it, and splashing in it. This picture was taken a couple of days before Christmas. I promise, we do own sippy cups!!!!

See the water on her chin. This was when she came up from blowing bubbles. Maybe she's practicing for swimming lessons already!

And like any good mother would do, I captured it on video!!!! I know you non-dog lovers are probably cringing right about now.

Just the other night, Madeline told me that Margo had a roll of paper towels and was playing with them. By the time I got down the hallway, this is what I found.


They were both having a ball! So the water bowl and paper towel incidents are just a few of the things that these two get into. Another thing Margo likes to do is open up the pantry and find some sort of snack and feed it to Kramer. Needless to say, a puppy and a toddler is a lot of work!

Margo and Lydia had a tea party the other night and guess who showed up? And don't think for one minute because those hot dogs aren't real, that he didn't try eating them!


grandma said...

Looks like Kramer might end up being Margo's best buddy--and vice versa! I love it.

10timesbetter said...

I have a daughter and 2 dogs which get on, i never leave them together as i'm always there just in case. if your looking for country clothing or kids wellies

Nanners said...

Kramer is ONE lucky dog!