Monday, February 01, 2010


Well, the weatherman was right!!! WE GOT SNOW!
It started snowing Friday night and the girls were so excited. You would've thought they'd seen Santa! They were running from window to window looking out and just squealing.
Madeline was up at 6am Saturday morning ready to PLAY!!!! We were able to hold her off for a few hours and get a little more sleep. On Saturday there was a lot of sleet, so it wasn't exactly the perfect playing weather.
That didn't stop them. There was a lot of in and out that day. The first outing...they lasted all of 15 minutes . It was COLD and icy. They would come in and warm up and then head back out. There were only a few tears and thankfully, no injuries.
Margo went out a couple of times, mostly for some photos. We got to play with Caroline and Aunt Catherine, Brayden, Aunt Leslie, and Uncle Greg and the Flynns. Day two (Sunday) was much better for playing in the snow and sledding. Here are some pics of our snowy days:

Late Saturday afternoon, David took the girls the video! Fun times, indeed!


Grandma said...

Looks like Grandpa and I missed a lot of cold fun! But somebody had to cook and wash dishes all day--and somebody had to sit in their chair all day. Maybe we will have another opportunity in the next few years!

Leslie said...

We had lots of fun playing in the snow with everyone!