Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dress Up

Margo has really taken a liking to dressing up lately. She's definitely following in her big sisters' footsteps. They still enjoy dressing up. Here she is with a chef hat on, wanting to "took" (cook).

The other night she walked around in this get-up for about an hour. I'm guessing she was some kind of warrior.

This is what a toddler warrior does to one's living room with a box of tissues when left alone for just a few short minutes.

Cowgirl Margo

Dressed up as a princess, complete with the tiara, shoes, wand, necklace and tutu.

It's hard work dressing up....she quickly found her paci and her belly button. Bedtime followed as soon as we got all the princess attire off.

One of my very favorite things about little girls is how they love to dress up! Remember this picture of M&L as mama and baby?

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Grandma said...

What a little doll, and a busy one at that! Can't wait to get another kiss from her--even if I have to settle for one blown from the back door!