Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Catchin' Up

Well, time keeps flying and I keep getting further and further behind in blogging. Here are some snapshots of the past few weeks for our family.
Lydia and Margo after a bath. They are bath time buddies. It's just too crowded with all three in the tub!

Miss Margo is such a little ham. And talking up a storm! She will now tell you that her name is "Mah-do" and not "Baby No-No". She still fondly refers to herself as "baby".

She climbed in the bathroom sink all by herself and was mighty proud!

Check out her piggy-tails. Finally enough hair for them, although it's starting to resemble the JoCo mullet. Probably time for a trim. The piggy tails didn't last long. But at least I got a picture!

Painting!!! She loves to write, color, draw and paint. Wonder who she gets that from?

Lydia has turned out to be quite the little artist. Check out her drawing on their new "chalkboard" that I painted on the playroom wall.

Madeline and Annie just chillin'. I'm pretty sure they were watching iCarly or Hannah Montana!

Last week was spirit week at school. Madeline dressed up as a vet for career day.

Lydia was a dentist!

Lydia's kindergarten class took a field trip to a farm last Friday. Margo and I joined them. Lydia got to feed a calf a bottle!

David ran his second 5K on Saturday. We were there to cheer him on. I'm not sure about his actual time, but I know it was around 25 minutes!

That afternoon we went to the Ham & Yam festival and it was HOT!!!! The girls got to ride the ponies and go through the bouncie houses/inflatables. We watched the pig races, got some good food and then headed home.

We found this shady spot right in front of the ham biscuits! It was a a busy, but fun-filled day. That's my update for now.
For all you fellow bloggers, I just found out about a service that will make a book out of your blog. Go to and check it out. I think I will definitely have to do this since this blog is pretty much the baby book, photo album and scrapbook! Who has time for that? One day, maybe?!?


Grandma said...

Thanks for the update--there's always a lot going on at your house! I'd love to be a fly on the wall sometimes.

Leslie said...

Aw, I'm going to miss Baby No-No!

Nanners said...

I think the chalk board wall in your playroom looks awesome! Have you noticed where some of your visitors are from???? strange... you might be a cult figure in third world countries!