Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Day!

Margo is TWO today! She says "Happy Day" for "Happy Birthday" and we've been celebrating since Saturday. The last two years have flown by.

June 29, 2009.....first birthday at the beach

June 29, 2008.......she made her debut.

We had a party for her on Saturday. I think she had a great time.

Posing with her Minnie Mouse cake that I made for her.

Look how serious she was while we were singing Happy Birthday to her.

Blowing out her two candles.

The cake

Minnie Mouse cupcakes

Opening presents

This is fun!

Trying out her sit n spin later that night.

She had another party at MMO on Monday.

All her little friends.

Happy Birthday, Margo. You'll always be my baby girl!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Summer is in full swing and it's been HOT, HOT, HOT. Here are some pics of what's been going on with us the past few weeks. Lydia has learned to ride her bike without training wheels. WOO-HOO!!!

Annie is the perfect dog for us. She had adjusted well and even has free roam of the house when we have to leave for a while! She's very tolerant of the girls, especially Margo. In the above picture, Margo is making Annie smell a flower.

The first weekend in June we spent at Camp Don Lee. Madeline will be going there next week for starter camp (3 nights). She is so excited. I just hope it will be a little cooler there than it's been here for the past week!

While at CDL, David was able to take us out on his Hobie. Even Margo got to go for her first sail.

Caroline, Margo and Brayden playing on the stage at CDL.

We've been getting in some pool time, too!

Uh-oh, looks like nap time's a coming! Margo loves the pool and this little floatie is the best one we've ever had. It's called a puddle jumper and it gives her so much freedom in the pool! I don't think Margo has made it home awake one single time from the pool! It definitely wears her out and makes for some good afternoon naps!

Riding around on the golf cart at Grammie and Pa Pa's.

David celebrated his 36th birthday on June 19th by participating in his first triathlon! Margo and I were there to greet him as he crossed the finish line. Yay, David!

He used his Grandpa's 30+ year old bike!
Well, that's it for now. I will have a special birthday post tomorrow for a special little miss who will be turning TWO!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

VBS 2010

This week we are having Vacation Bible School at our church: High Seas Expedition!

Here are the girls showing off their crafts from the first night.

How cute is Margo's little boat?

Lydia and Olivia making a craft on night #2. They are having fun and learning lots. We're looking forward to the next couple of nights.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

School's Out!

Today was the last day of school! Here are M&L before heading to school this morning.

She told me she wanted to dress "sassy" today! Zebra print and peep-toe shoes. I'd call that sassy. Lydia had a great Kindergarten year. After a seven week summer break, she's going to 1st grade!

And here is our rising third grader! She is really growing up! Madeline had a great year in 2nd grade. She is a good student and I feel confident she'll do great next year!

Margo and Annie had to get in this picture.

Hello, summer. Hope you're ready for us. We're going to jam-pack as much as we can before school starts back!