Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to School!

Even though it's still summer, these two headed back to school today! They were pretty excited.
Our first grader, Lydia. She has a new Hello Kitty lunch box and backpack.

Our third grader, Madeline....sporting her new messenger bag.

Of course, baby sis had to get in on this picture. Margo loves to say "cheese" now when her picture is taken.

Madeline with her teacher, Mrs. Swain. Madeline did not want me hanging around at all, so I was happy to get this one picture in the hallway. I guess she's getting too old for me to take her picture at school on the first day :-(

Lydia, on the other hand, could not contain her excitement and was all smiles for the camera. Here she is giving her teacher, Mrs. "C" a big hug.

She told me the other night that she was so excited about first grade because she gets to sit at a real desk and not a table! She was one happy kid when I left. I hope she and Madeline have a great first day.

Margo was so sweet, waving bye to her sisters. She loved the "tool bus", so I snapped a picture of her in front of it!
Stay tuned for pictures from our recent beach trip!!

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Grandma said...

What precious big girls--and the little one is cute, too! I will be ready to hear about their first day.